ProAssure™ Clamp (Composite)

ProAssure™ Clamp is designed to form a high integrity pressure vessel around the damaged or leaking pipe.

Sealing is provided by elastomer seals of the highest quality selected for compatibility with the pipeline fluid and operating temperature

Online and quicker installation period. Less shutdown time is needed.


  • Welding to the pipeline is not required
  • Strong Composite material
  • Cost saving ratio up to 1:10 compared to cut & replace method
  • Design life up to 20 years. Extends life of pipe.
  • In accordance ASME requirement.


  • Pressure: Up to design pressure
  • Clamp material: Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite
  • Seal material: Elastomer
  • Temperature range: 10°C – 66°C
  • Protective coating: Epoxy Mastic Coating

Award Winning Technology
A novel composite clamp for pipeline repair, designed to be used as a repair system for pipes with leaking through-wall defects. The clamp is comprised of two half shell sections which are brought together and bolted in position around the pipe to secure the repair, and a specially designed sealing system to provide the means for leak and pressure containment.

Key Benefits Compared with Conventional Technologies:

  • Rapid delivery of custom-made solutions
  • Shorter lead time, faster repair deployment and reduced down-time.
  • Up to 75% reduced weight when using composite vs. steel.
  • Simplified installation infrastructure and reduced number of repair operators, which leads to significant cost savings in installation.
  • Improved corrosion resistance.
  • Reducing inspection requirements, with the possibility of repair life extension.

Development and Certification Testing

Extensive simulation and validation testing has been conducted to verify clamp integrity and ability to meet required repair scenarios.

  • Innovative design and advanced finite element analysis has enabled highly optimised light-weight designs to be generated for clamps used to repair a range of pipe diameters
  • Low-cost and flexible manufacturing methods have been developed to allow short lead-time production of custom designed clamps
  • Extensive seal testing has been conducted to ensure clamp integrity is maintained over time at elevated temperature and pressure conditions
  • Coupon and sub-element testing has been used to verify clamp design methodology and analysis
  • Full scale, short and long term hydrostatic pressure tests have been carried out at elevated temperatures.

ProAssure Clamp – Award Winning Technology




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