Insulation (Cold and Hot)

FibaClad – the key driver of long-term integrity

FibaClad™ is a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) delivered as pipe sections and, for vessels and tanks, flat sheets ready for application over insulation. Overlaps are sealed with adhesive.

FibaClad was developed to protect insulation onshore and offshore, both in maintenance and new build. Key objectives are increasing long-term integrity, prevention of the causes of corrosion under insulation (CUI) and control of heat gain.

Significantly lighter than SS316 cladding, FibaClad is supplied as a complete range of mouldings for bends/tees, fittings, flat sheets, straights and valve boxes / flange boxes. It is now being used in preference to stainless steel and once-popular non-metallic CSPE cladding systems because of their failure rate and consequent, expensive CUI problems.

FibaClad has the mechanical strength, design integrity and sealing ability to pre-empt common failures, contributing to a major reduction in CUI and hence vastly improved long term integrity.  Non standard applications are our speciality.

Key features and benefits
• mechanically strong (withstands foot traffic) with good flexural and tensile strength
• dedicated FibaBond adhesive is supplied to provide a fully sealed system
• rapid and easy application at temperatures down to -5°C
• schedule and critical paths improved
• designed for practical removal, inspection and reuse
• good resistance to UV and chemicals generally
• available as FibaClad FR M1 grade as standard
• end-caps available resistant to 135 °C, terminated directly onto the pipe from VEFR grade
• can be used in conjunction with FibaRoll and FibaGel to form a permanently sealed system at tricky termination points, pipe clashes   and challenging applications where a mouldable product is required
• application supported by FTI’s very experienced technical services team
• designed to let water exit with drain holes
• joint PFP system with hydrocarbon pool fire and jet fire rating
• acoustic systems adapted to protect most insulation. These systems satisfy the requirements of ISO 15665 and Shell DEP 31 for Classes A through to D
• Significantly lighter than SS316

• FTI has two manufacturing facilities in the UK and Korea and an independent facility in the US
• capacity: 1000 pairs of fittings per day

FibaClad FR M1 – Fire and Smoke
The FR M1 grade has been developed specifically for its fire and smoke properties – in order to meet the needs of the offshore oil and gas and maritime markets, as well as some of the more stringent onshore oil and gas requirements. This grade is difficult to ignite, has a short burn time, self-extinguishes and has low levels of smoke.

The system contains no halogens and therefore when burnt releases no toxic gases or dense black smoke.

The Independent Fire Tests successfully passed include: ASTM E84 – 50-10, Epiradiateur Test NFP92-501 – M1, ISO 5560-1 – MARHE <45 kW/m², IMO MSC 307 part 2 and 5 – Pass, and BS 476 class 0.

Long-term integrity for pipelines and pipework

FTI’s FibaClad system is ideal for pipework, utilising pre-formed straight sections and fittings, in conjunction with our complementary products FibaRoll and FibaGel, to fully seal protrusions and support areas. This combined solution provides an intimate and fully sealed system, capable of preventing water ingress and therefore mitigating corrosion under insulation (CUI). The benefits of FibaClad include labour savings, long system life and subsequent reduction in maintenance costs.

Pre-formed FibaClad sections can be manufactured to accommodate virtually all sizes of pipework and insulation thicknesses, from ½” to 40” piping. FibaClad fittings come as two halves and are sealed using our own sealant and adhesive FibaBond. The simplicity of the system ensures application times are minimal, with labour savings of 30% over stainless steel cladding.

The use of FibaBond at overlap joint areas provides added mechanical strength and prevents water ingress. And the robust nature of FibaClad virtually eliminates mechanical damage due to foot traffic or accidental impact on pipelines.

Key features and benefits
• mechanically strong (withstands foot traffic) with good flexural and tensile strength
• long term integrity increased, with reduced maintenance costs
• for both hot and cryogenic applications
• excellent design and sealing to prevent water ingress leading to corrosion under insulation (CUI)
• reduced labour costs for fitting
• applicable for pipes from ½” to 40” diameter

Long-term integrity for vessels
The advantages of FTI’s FibaClad system can also be applied to vessels – in fact we have vast experience with FibaClad vessel applications, which include a range of on-shore and offshore projects from Angola to the North Sea. Using isometric drawings we are able to manufacture bespoke FibaClad vessel packs for bullet tanks, columns, spheres, cylindrical storage tanks and so on.

The FibaClad vessel body panels are pre-formed, along with any nozzles, in order to keep application time to a minimum. Our complementary products FibaRoll and FibaGel are used to seal areas such lifting lugs, supports and instrument lines.

Each FibaClad vessel pack is specifically designed to accommodate the numerous factors associated with that particular vessel. These include environmental conditions, type of vessel, operating temperature and designing support structures to cope with thermal expansion. FibaClad vessel packs can be applied to both hot and cryogenic vessels.

Key features and benefits
• bespoke design of FibaClad components for each individual vessel
• mechanically strong (withstands foot traffic) with good flexural and tensile strength
• long term integrity increased, with reduced maintenance costs
• for both hot and cryogenic applications
• excellent design and sealing to prevent water ingress leading to corrosion under insulation (CUI)

Weather protection for HVAC ducting insulation
FTI’s FibaClad system is used widely for HVAC ducting in on-shore and off-shore environments to replace conventional metal type insulation jacketing. It provides an improved solution to weather protection of both thermal and acoustic insulation. FibaClad is delivered pre-moulded to suit the application and is a bespoke system made to customer requirements. The system incorporates the use of FibaRoll to ensure that all termination points can be sealed to prevent water ingress.

Key features and benefits
• weather protection for thermal and acoustic insulation
• weight saving – FibaClad can be significantly lighter than traditional systems
• robust, with little or no rework on installed products from damage during project construction
• easy to install
• HVAC Ducting doesn’t suffer galvanic corrosion
• compatible with all insulation types
• can be coated to increase life span and maintenance intervals
• removable

Bespoke design for removable valve boxes / flange boxes
Our original proprietary product FibaRoll is a mouldable glass-reinforced polymer (GRP), delivered on rolls and cured by exposure to light. Its ease of handling and stability mean that almost anything can be designed from it. At FTI we ourselves use FibaRoll as the starting point to make a huge variety of finished mouldings for bends/tees, fittings, flat sheets, straights and valve boxes / flange boxes. These finished components make up our FibaClad system.

Valve boxes and flanges are essential components of any piping system and generally the insulation needs to be removable to enable quick access to equipment. This process makes traditional stainless steel boxes prone to damage, resulting in either spiralling costs for replacement or the more severe consequence of water ingress and the start of corrosion under insulation (CUI). In contrast, FibaClad valve boxes are mechanically strong and specifically designed for repeated removal and reinstatement.

Valves are often located in areas where there is little clearance from the surrounding piping or other equipment. This can often lead to challenges in the design and installation of cladding boxes. At FTI we have a specific team of engineers tasked to conduct site assessments and take the necessary measurements to enable us to custom-design FibaClad boxes for all manner of situations. With our experts ranging from in-house engineers who are trained in Computer Aided Design to hands-on fabrication workers with more than thirty years experience, FTI has the strength in depth to support your needs and provide solutions.

Key features and benefits
• complete custom design when necessary to ensure accurate fit
• design adaptable to operator specifications
• FTI engineering team on hand to advise on specification
• mechanically strong and low incidence of damage
• designed to be removable and reinstated
• easy inspection
• a key component to prevent water ingress and therefore CUI

FibaClad for piping

FibaRoll – the original, mouldable cladding

FibaRoll is a glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), cured by exposure to natural light or by using metal halide or LED artificial light sources which do not emit any harmful radiation. Depending on the application, FibaRoll is generally used on 5-10% of a project. It is used in areas where FibaClad, our GRP product delivered pre-cured to the market, cannot be utilised.

FibaRoll is used to seal tricky terminations, pipe clash areas and non-standard fittings. It is excellent for its mouldability characteristics, sealing the most challenging areas. The curing mechanism is relatively unaffected by ambient temperature – FibaRoll can be cured at minus 15°C. Unlike many polymers, the active curing ingredient is very stable until exposed to light when it cures the polymer rapidly – in the right conditions in less than sixty minutes.

FibaRoll can be stored in temperatures below 25°C for twelve months.

This product has been specified by leading oil and gas supermajors and CINI to clad and seal insulation materials since 1995. FibaRoll is usually specified in the temperature range from -160°C to +135°C to prevent heat gain and Corrosion under Insulation (CUI).

FibaRoll has been applied successfully in very cold climates like Sakhalin, Russia (400,000 sq. m), wet climates like Singapore / China petrochemical plants (350,000 sq. m) and of course Europe and the Middle East. The installed base totals well over one million square metres for Shell alone, with the product attracting new users every year.

Key features and benefits additional to FibaClad 

  • mouldable to seal the most challenging areas
  • excellent adhesion to steel at terminations
  • two main grades available, optimised for different uses – FibaRoll FR M1 & FibaRoll VEFR.


  • capacity: 2500 sq. m per day

FibaRoll FR M1
This grade has been developed specifically for its fire and smoke properties – in order to meet the needs of the offshore oil and gas and maritime markets, as well as some of the more stringent onshore oil and gas requirements. FibaRoll FR M1 is difficult to ignite, has a short burn time, self-extinguishes and has low levels of smoke. The system contains no halogens and therefore when burnt releases no toxic gases or dense black smoke.

The Independent Fire Tests successfully passed include: ASTM E84 15/50, Epiradiateur Test NFP92-501 M1, IMO A653 and IMO MSC 61 and BS476.

FibaRoll VEFR and VECR

VEFR is a high temperature version of the main FR M1 grade, with highly developed fire and smoke properties but possessing higher temperature resistance to 135°C.

VECR has fewer fire retardant additives and was developed to provide excellent corrosion and chemical resistance combined with mechanical resistance. Many ordinary coatings and tapes fail simply from mechanical damage. Typical applications include the protection of buried pipes and field welds, protection of steel and concrete against chemicals and protection at pipe support areas.

FibaRoll non-standard applications – no matter how tricky the job!

The pages of this website illustrate some of the applications of our products. Mostly these examples are from large projects, which have often followed extensive trials and close cooperation with the operator and contractor’s staff by our technical advisers. However, our GRP products are very versatile and are used for many bespoke items and non-standard applications, so do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your job, no matter how small!

For example, FibaRoll is our original, proprietary glass-reinforced polymer (GRP), delivered on rolls and cured by exposure to light. It has solved multiple problems in the prevention of corrosion in the oil and gas sector, including providing a coating for protecting and rehabilitating structural steelwork.

FibaRoll was originally used by Shell in one of the company’s first applications specifically designed to prevent corrosion under insulation (CUI). However, since then, fabric and maintenance teams all over the world have found different uses for this versatile product. In our discussions and collaborations with their engineers, we have solved many non-standard problems our clients have had – from custom-designing flange and valve boxes and clamp covers to repairing corroded containers and protecting pipes buried under the ground.

When cured, FibaRoll provides a tough, seamless, impact-resistant coating which has high chemical resistance and is flame retardant. It is commonly used for the refurbishment of steel containers and roofs in order to extend asset life, reduce down-time and facilitate compliance with HSE regulations in a safe and cost-effective manner.

 Key features and benefits
• ease of handling and stability allow almost anything to be designed
• easily mouldable to seal the most challenging areas
• adheres to stainless steel
• adheres to concrete
• supported by FTI’s technical team to help find an answer to your non-standard problems

Moulding FibaRoll
FibaRoll Insulation & Protection

FibaShield pre-insulated pipe – faster, safer, better, lasts longer!

FibaShield is FTI’s innovative, proprietary system designed to pre-insulate and protect pipes in a workshop, prior to welding into final position. Moving this process off-site and at ground level in controlled conditions has significant benefits for health and safety, cost, scheduling, on-site labour requirement and overall quality and performance.

Key features and benefits

  • equipment can be mobilised to a workshop anywhere in the world
  • experienced operators run the plant, train local staff and manage the quality and safety of the project
  • full engineering support for the facility and piping engineers responsible for layout and pipe stress
  • fire-proofing to any level can be incorporated into the system
  • improved safety from working in a workshop rather than on site (often at a height and exposed to the climate)
  • reduction in total man-hours by c.50%
  • cost reduction from reduction in pipe support costs, scaffolding, materials, man-hours and associated expenses
  • improved schedule from removal of man-hours from critical path
  • reduced costs of maintenance from redesign of pipe support interface
  • improved insulation performance, quality and reduction in maintenance


  • pre-insulation capability for 6” – 42” pipe diameter
  • insulation specification from cryogenic temperatures -190°C to high pressure steam temperatures
  • capacity: a typical unit can supply one to two kilometres of pre-insulated pipe per month. Units are easily scaleable if higher volumes are required.
FIbaShield Pre Insulated Pipes

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