Safety Policy & Organization

The policy establish and communicates the Company’s policy concerning the protection of the health and safety of the Company’s employees and other persons affected by the Company’s business activities and the prevention of environment pollution with respect to the Company’s business activities and operation.

This commitment by the Company will include the following :

  • The Company will comply with all applicable Laws and relevant industry standards of practice concerning the protection of health and safety of its Employees in the work place and other person affected by its business activities and the prevention of environmental pollution. Protection of health, safety and the prevention of pollution to the environment is a primary goal of the Company and the management of the company shall take such actions as are reasonable and necessary to achieve such a goal and carry out this Policy.
  • We will continuously evaluate the health, safety and environmental (“HSE”) aspects of our products and services. The goal will be to develop and provide products and services that have no undue environmental impact and are safe in their intended use, efficient in their consumption of energy and natural resources and can be recycled, reused or disposed of safely.
  • All Directors and Employees of the Company will conduct their duties and responsibilities in a manner, which is compatible with achieving these goals and carrying out this Policy.
  • The Company believes that effective HSE management is good business. As in other areas of our business, the Company is committed to continuous improvement of HSE management practices.
  • The Company will communicate and make available this Policy to its Employees, Clients, Contractors, Suppliers, Partners and Customers and to the Communities in which it operates in order to achieve these goals and carry out these policies.

Specific Health, Safety and Environment Policy Objectives are:

  • To provide and maintain plant, equipment, machinery and systems of work that are safe and without risk to health
  • To reduce risks arising from noise through the provision of adequate ear protection, noise assessment/measurement, and relevant information, in accordance with the regulations.
  • To make arrangements for ensuring safety and absence of risks to health in connection with the handling, storage and transportation of articles and substances used in operation
  • To identify all special hazards in order to maintain the working environment in a safe condition.
  • To limit the exposure to and, where necessary, monitor the use of substances hazardous to health as an ongoing priority.
  • To ensure the collection of up to date information on the toxicity and potential hazards of all substances used by the company.
  • To Supply manufacturers’ / suppliers’ advice or warnings to the users of dangerous equipment / noxious substances. If not supplied they should be requested and must be adhered to; and
  • To establish the causes of accidents and hazards to health within the group and to institute practicable remedial measures to prevent recurrence.

Merit Technologies Sdn Bhd (MTSB) is committed to the health, safety and welfare of all personnel working within the wider framework of the Company’s operations. To enable MTSB to comply with its policies as a responsible employer, the Company states categorically that the abuse of drugs or alcohol by any manager, employee, subcontractor or other person whilst under the care  or direction of the Company will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Being on the work site, driving a company vehicle or on company / client property whilst under the influence of drug, alcohol or any other substances shall be consider sufficient grounds for disciplinary action that may include summary dismissal without resources.

The illicit use of legal drugs or the use, possession or distribution / sale of illegal drugs are a violation of the laws of Malaysia. Therefore, any person knowingly permitting the use or supply of any controlled and / or illicit drugs, or certain other activities to take place on our premises will be committing an offence and thereby subject to instant dismissal, without resource. The Company will include involvement of the authorities if sufficient grounds exist.

  • The use or possession of alcohol on company premises or on any work location is totally prohibited.
  • The possession of dangerous weapons on company premises or work location is totally prohibited.

Any person, regardless of the position, giving rise to reasonable suspicion of drug, alcohol or substance impairment whilst on company premises or on any worksite shall be liable for damage, alcohol or substance abuse testing at a laboratory or centre nominated by the company. Positive results of such testing shall be grounds for disciplinary action and shall result in all costs involved being deducted from any monies earned.

MTSB, as a responsible employer, will respect the need for the confidentiality if an employee admits to a drug problem. We will encourage our personnel with the drugs problems to come forward: we can assure them that their problems will be dealt with discretely and are prepared to provide the resources for counseling and treatment to any employee who so requests assistance without resource or loss of position. However in doing so, we will also need to consider our own legal position: if evidence or information supplied suggests that an employee’s own drug problem has involved breaking the laws at work.

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