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Grout Pump – Air Driven (ChemGrout CG-502)

The ChemGrout model CG502/030 is a skid mounted grout plant. This unit is designed for maximum efficiency by allowing simultaneous operation of the mixing and pumping.


  • Two 45 gallon mixing tanks, a 30 gallon holding hopper, and the popular single-acting 3″ piston grout pump.
  • The unique double mix tank design permits continuous pumping as each mix tank alternates feeding the pump.
  • Each mixing tank is equipped with baffles, bag breakers and a variable speed high-efficiency paddle mixer that provides rapid grout mixing.
  • The tank outlet is a large slide gate that allows viscous grouting materials to flow quickly into the removable holding hopper.
  • The grout pump is a 3″ positive displacement, pulsating piston pump that disassembles with only a hammer for fast and thorough cleaning.

Operator controls are centrally located for efficient production. All components are easily accessible for operating, cleaning and maintenance.

Grout Pump – Diesel Engine Driven (CG502/031/H/HP)

Paddle Mixing Equipment Piston Grout Pump Multi-Purpose Series Model

The CG-502/031/H/HP is constructed specifically for service in the geothermal industry, and is equipped with accessory items to enhance its utility in that application. The CG502/031/H/HP  is a skid-mounted integral mixing and pumping system derived from the popular CG-500 Series machines used for a variety grouting materials including slurries, proprietary pre-blended commercially produced materials and structural materials which may include sand.


  • Two 27” diameter sloped bottom vertical shaft paddle mixers, each of 5.8 CF capacity permit continuous grouting by alternately charging and discharging each mixer into the pump.
  • Mixer speeds are variable and may be slowed to agitation speed
  • A single acting 3” bore by 10” stroke single acting piston pump (031-H) delivers slurries.
  • Sanded grouts at a rate of up to 15 GPM and pressures of up to 700 PSI.
  • Available power options include compressed air, electric/hydraulic, gasoline/hydraulic, and diesel/hydraulic.

The CG-500 has been designed for ease of operation and simplicity of maintenance and will give years of satisfaction and virtually trouble-free service if properly maintained.

Haskel Model M-71 0.33HP Air-Driven Liquid Pump


With a nominal pressure ratio of 71:1, the Haskel model M-71 0.33HP air-driven liquid pump utilizes a single air head to boost liquid pressures to a maximum of 8800 PSIG.

Features & Benefits:

  • Safe pneumatic operation – no heat, flame or spark risk
  • Infinitely variable cycling speed
  • Stall at pre-determined pressure to hold that pressure without consuming power
  • Problem-free stop/start applications
  • Easily automated – many modifications and control options
  • Suitable for most liquids and liquefied gases
  • Alternative gas drive options available, such as sour gas, natural gas, boil off gases, or nitrogen
  • Robust, reliable, compact and easy to maintain proven design
  • No need for air line lubrication – saves costs and prevents contamination
  • Unbalanced cycling spool provides immediate response to pressure changes
  • Can be manufactured to ATEX, CE and NACE.

Technical Data:

  • Power: 0.33HP
  • Air Head: single
  • Max Air Pressure: 125 PSIG
  • Max cycles: 325/min
  • Nominal ratio (“dash number”): 71:1
  • Actual area ratio: 75:1
  • Max outlet pressure (continuous): 8800 PSIG
  • Max outlet pressure (intermittent): 8800 PSIG
  • Displacement / cycle: 0.06 cu. in.
  • Max flow: 39 cu. in./min.

Haskel Model ASF-60 1.5HP Air-Driven Liquid Pump


With a nominal pressure ratio of 60:1, the Haskel model ASF-60 1.5HP air-driven liquid pump utilizes a single air head to boost liquid pressures to a maximum of 9800 PSIG.

Features & Benefits:

  • Safe pneumatic operation – no heat, flame or spark risk
  • Infinitely variable cycling speed
  • Stall at pre-determined pressure to hold that pressure without consuming power
  • Problem-free stop/start applications
  • Easily automated – many modification and control options
  • Suitable for most liquids and liquefied gases
  • Alternative gas drive options available, such as sour gas, natural gas, boil off gases, or nitrogen
  • Robust, reliable, compact and easy to maintain proven design
  • No need for air line lubrication – saves costs and prevents contamination
  • Unbalanced cycling spool provides immediate response to pressure changes
  • Can be manufactured to ATEX, CE and NACE.

Technical Data:

  • Power: 1.5HP
  • Air Head: single
  • Max Air Pressure: 150 PSIG
  • Max cycles: 80/min.
  • Nominal ratio (“dash number”): 60:1
  • Actual area ratio: 69:1
  • Max outlet pressure (continuous): 9800 PSIG
  • Max outlet pressure (intermittent): 9800 PSIG
  • Displacement / cycle: 0.67 cu. in.
  • Max flow: 201 cu. in./min.

Husky 1050P

Husky 1050 Double Diaphragm Pump

The 1 inch (25.4 mm) Husky 1050 pneumatic double diaphragm pumps feature a stall-free, low pulsation air valve which provides a smooth and rapid changeover.

Husky 1050 also replaces the old Husky 1040 which has a 20% increase in fluid flow and up to 6 time longer diaphragm life.


  • 30% more efficient than the market leader
  • 20% increase in fluid flow compared to the Husky 1040
  • Up to 5 times longer diaphragm life compared to other double diaphragm pumps in its class
  • Expanded material offering to handle endless applications.


  • Machine lubrication servicing
  • Drum evacuation
  • Typical fluids include oil, water and most solvents

Husky 1040 Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

Graco Husky 1040 Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

Product detail:

  • 1″ Non-Metallic Diaphragm Pump
  • 1″ ANSI Flange Inlet, 1″ ANSI Flange Outlet
  • 40 gal/min Max Flow
  • Wetted Parts: Polypropylene
  • Ball: Stainless Steel, Hardened


  • High flow in a compact, portable size
  • E-coated center section for corrosive environments
  • Equipped with an effective and reliable air valve system
  • Can be remotely controlled using an external controller


  • Chemicals
  • Contaminated surface water
  • Adhesives, varnishes, dispersions, solvents, and stains
  • Resins, latexes, wood preservative stains, concrete paints, and primers
  • Drum fluid transfer
  • Unloading fluids
  • Dewatering and sump evacuation
  • Tank and sump drainage

Triton 1030HP Diaphragm Pump.


  • Low pulsation output.
  • Low shear pumping action.
  • Diaphragm seals eliminates conventional throat packing.
  • Smooth pump fluid passages.
  • Extremely quite pump operation.


  • A high quality finish for a consistent pattern
    and film on finished parts.
  • Minimal material degradation on circulating
    paints and coatings.
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • Less time and material required for color changes
    and flushing.
  • Comfortable working conditions.
  • Suitable for  larger volume circulating systems.

Airless Spray Pump (AKX451)

  • Heavy duty air regulator
  • Conventional spraying work.
  • Easy repair for displacement.
  • Air motor size 10″
  • Roofing.
  • Construction.
  • Metal structure.
  • High viscosity coating.
  • Protective coating.
  • Shipyards.

Technical data:

  • Fluid pressure ratio: 45:1
  • Delivery (liter)/Min: 15:8
  • CC per cycle: 263
  • Max. pump speed/Min: 60
  • Air motor diameter(inch):10″
  • Stroke length (mm): 127
  • Air powered range (bar): 1-7
  • Maximum pressure (psi): 4568

UHP Water Jet Stream (3000 Series)

Diesel Driven Skid Based Lifting Frame Hydroblasting Pumpset

The 3000 Series is a compact Water Blaster System, requiring the minimum capital investment. Perfect for single gun / lance cleaning, and surface preparation, this unit offers hard to rival, efficiency and flexibility.

The compact design makes this system ideal for working in areas where space is a premium such as rigs, vessels, and offshore general.

DNV Frame Certified:

  • Weight: 4000kg
  • DNV offshore lifting frame certified. (Code: DNV 2.7-1 EN12079-3)
  • Can access all sites with the requirement of DNV certification


UHP Water Jetstream – Specification


  • Cleaning and removing drilling mud & cement from drill pipe.
  • Removing paraffin & crude residues on platforms & storage tanks. 
  • Removing rust & varnish prior to recoating
  • Cleaning dope & oil from pipe threads for inspection
  • Clean Drill Pipe that is used for down hole drilling. 
  • Clean out Coil Tubing once it is fabricated to remove slag, grease, and dirt. (remove weld & residue)
  • Pressure Testing


Den-Sin (C-2500-25-D) UHP Water Blaster

The Lightweight UHP Water Blaster offer total independence of external power supply giving a higher degree of flexibility. The combination of high flow and high-pressure ensure great efficiency in a number of heavy duty cleaning task.

Specifications Pump:

  • Weight: 1800kg
  • Maximum working pressure [Bar/ Psi] : 2500/36000
  • Maximum flow capacity [1/ min] (100% Vol. Efficiency) : 25
  • Rupture disc/ Un-load pressure [Bar/ Psi] : 2950/ 42.800

Specifications Motor:

  • Horse power : 150
  • Rotating speed [rpm]  : 1800
  • Fuel : Diesel


  • Removing of paint, graffiti and rust on steel and concrete surfaces.
  • Roughening and removing of concrete surfaces.
  • Removing of algaes/marine grows.
  • Dust free sand blasting.


  • Non corrosive materials are used in pump, fittings & pipe.
  • Triplex pump with carbide plungers.
  • In-line valves.
  • Built-in gearbox.
  • Extremely service friendly pump design.
  • Safety valve protecting against over-pressurization.
  • Trigger operated dump gun.
  • Automatic engine shut-down system.
  • Throttle control with vernier adjustment.
  • Control panel with oil-pressure, temperature, hour meter and RPM gauges.
  • 200L stainless steel water break tank with inlet filter.
  • Low water level and pressure cut-off system.
  • Two step water filtration system with booster feed pump.
  • Built-in fuel tank with level indicator.
  • Hot-dip galvanized frame with powder coating, lifting eyes and forklift pockets.


  • Light in weight
  • Available for all offshore platform, especially at satellite platform
  • Easy to mobilize due to light in weight to sites/platform


HTWP – Torque Wrench Pump

Hi-Force hydraulic torque wrench pumps are compatible for use with all Hi-Force hydraulic torque wrenches. All models are 700 Bar maximum working pressure, fitted with an easily accessible and adjustable torque setting pressure relief valve, and are available as air driven or electric driven pump units. All pumps are supplied with a remote operation, push button hand pendant controller with three metres of control line cable. Glycerine filled, easy to read, dual scale (0-700 Bar/0-10,000 PSI) hydraulic pressure gauges are fitted as standard to all models. Air driven versions also include an integral inline filter, regulator, lubricator system with airline pressure gauge and an exhaust air cooling system.


  • Dual scale glycerine filled pressure gauge
  • Two speed operation
  • Externally adjustable torque setting valve
  • Protective rollbar carrying frame
  • Air pressure gauge and filter-regulator-lubricator unit (air powered pumps only)
  • Integral oil cooling system (air powered pumps only)
  • Reservoir oil sight level gauge
  • Auto retract function (electric powered pumps only)
  • Choice of standard hose length available
TWHN – Torque Wrenches – Tools
  • 5 models with output torque capacities from 2625 Nm to 48181 Nm (1906 to 34985 l bf.ft).
  • Compact, lightweight, aluminium drive unit (except TWH430N)
  • All models provide direct in-line reaction.
  • Minimal radius clearance for easy fitment in confined spaces.
  • The user friendly design of the tool.
  • Ratchet heads are available in all standard metric and imperial AF sizes from 24 to 175 mm (1 1/16” to 6 7/8”).
  • Uni-Swivel quick release couplers are fitted as standard to all models, enabling easy positioning of the hydraulic hoses.
  • Accurate to +/- 3% with standard torque chart supplied.
  • Low profile design for limited access applications
  • Powerful with low clearance design.
  • Suitable for continuous operation at maximum pressure.
Hydraulic torque wrenches. Low profile female hexagon design

Bolt Tensioner


Hi-Force STU series sub-sea bolt tensioners are designed and manufactured to suit the demanding requirements of divers operating in harsh sub-sea environments. With an easy to operate two piece design comprising of a quick fit/release threaded puller and a hydraulic load cell with integral bridge and an extra long 30mm piston stroke to reduce re-setting operations, Hi-Force STU series sub-sea bolt tensioners offer a consistent, reliable and cost effective method of tensioning sub-sea bolted joints. All hydraulic load cells are suitable for different thread sizes and interchangeable quick fit/release pullers can be ordered separately, as required, resulting in even greater flexibility and cost savings.

HI-Force Bolt Tensioner (STU1-112)

  • Bolt thread size : 1 1/8″ – 8UN
  • Capacity [kN / Tonnes] : 256.04 / 26.10
  • Effective area [cm²] : 17.07
  • Stroke [mm] : 20
  • Weight [kg] : 3.4
  • Tommy Bar : TTB06

HI-Force Bolt Tensioner (STU4-175)

  • Bolt thread size : 1 3/4″-8UN
  • Capacity [kN/ Tonnes] : 756.30/ 77.09
  • Effective area [cm²] : 50.42
  • Stroke [mm] : 30
  • Weight [kg] : 9.8
  • Tommy Bar : TTB10

Hydraulic Bolt Tensioner

BOLTIGHT manufactures standard and custom built tooling for sub sea use. The standard tool range incorporates a combined body and bridge, lifting eye bolt, 30 mm piston stroke, 1500 bar operating pressure, twin hydraulic connections, a maximum piston stroke indicator and  a  split reaction nut. Lower  cost  solid  reaction nuts are also available. These tools are fitted with the BOLTIGHT composite material high pressure seals which clip into place and require no adjustment.


  • Pressures up to 1500 bar
  • High Initial Bolt Stress
  • Long 30 mm Stroke
  • Maximum Stroke Indicator
  • Easy Manual Piston Return
  • Long Life Snap Fit Seals
  • Nickel Plated
  • Single or Twin Hydraulic Connections
  • Split or Solid Reaction Nut
  • Fits all Standard Pipe Flange Applications


  • Maximum working pressure 1500 bar (21,750 psi)
  • Maximum piston stroke = 30 mm (1.18 inch)
  • Five tools cover standard pipe flange connections above 4 inch NB with bolting in the size range.
  • 1 inch to 3-1/2 inch diameter.

Pressure Transmitter S-10

S-10 pressure transmitters are precision engineered to fit most industrial pressure measurement applications. The compact, rugged design makes these instruments suitable for applications including hydraulics and pneumatics, vacuum, test equipment, liquid level measurement, press control, compressor control, pump protection and numerous other processing and control operations. A wide range of electrical connection and process connection options are available to meet almost any requirement.

Features :

  • Standard ranges available from stock 
  • 4-20 mA 2-wire output signal, others available
  • Highly resistant to pressure spikes and vibration
  • Stainless steel case and wetted parts 
  • Can be assembled to diaphragm seals for special applications

Applications :

  • Hydraulics and pneumatics
  • Test equipment
  • Pump and compressor control
  • Liquid level measurement

Pressure Transmitter s-20

The model S-20 pressure transmitter for general industrial applications is the ideal solution for customers with demanding measuring requirements. It features a very good accuracy, a robust design and an exceptional number of variants, meaning it can be suited to the widest range of applications.


  • Measuring ranges from 0 … 0.4 to 0 … 1,600 bar.
  • Non-linearity up to 0.125 % of span
  • Different output signals.
  • Market-standard electrical connections.
  • Common international process connections.


  • Critical industrial applications
  • Demanding applications in research and development
  • Harsh environments in the process industry

Pressure Transmitter (Type MBS 3050)

 The compact heavy duty pressure transmitter MBS 3050 with integrated pulse-snubber is designed for use in hydraulic applications with severe medium influences like cavitation, liquid hammer or pressure peaks and offers a reliable pressure measurement, even under harsh environmental conditions.

The flexible pressure transmitter programme covers different output signals, absolute and
gauge (relative) versions, measuring ranges from 0-1 to 0-600 bar and a wide range of pressure and electrical connections.
Excellent vibration stability, robust construction, and a high degree of EMC/EMI protection equip the pressure transmitter to meet the most stringent industrial requirements.

Features : 

  •  Designed for use in severe industrial environments.
  • Resistant to cavitation, liquid hammer and pressure peaks.
  • Enslosure and wetted parts of acid-resistant stainless steel (AISI 316L)
  • Pressure ranges in relative (gauge) or absolute from 0 up to 600 bar.
  • All standard output signals: 4 – 20 mA, 0 – 5 V, 1 – 5 V, 1 – 6 V, 0 – 10 V, 1 – 10 V.
  • A wide range of pressure and electrical connections.
  • Temperature compensated and laser calibrated.


Data recorder (FX 106)

The Yokogawa FX106 Six Channel Paperless Recorder is a cost effective paperless recorder with highly optimized performance. Measured data can be easily viewed on the FX’s versatile displays, even in the field. Unlike data from chart recorders, electrically stored data can be archived and copied securely, quickly and easily without taking up space. The FX106 delivers what all companies demand: reductions in TCO, improved efficiency, and enhanced control.

The FX106 provides an excellent alternative to chart recorders through enhanced data management and high performance. With a powerful set of optional functions such as pulse input, Pt1000, and mathematical functions, the FX100 enables easy operation tailored to your specific application, whether it be water treatment, wastewater treatment, heat treatment, process technology, or environmental test equipment.


  • A Wide Variety of Highly Visible Displays
  • Versatile Measurement
  • Simple and Easy Operation
  • Dust-proof and Water-proof (IP65)
  • Easy Wiring
  • Powerful Computation Functions beyond Simple Calculation (/M1 Option)
  • A Variety of Communication Option Combination (/C2, /C3, /C7 Option)
  • Delivers Stable Measurement
  • Protects Data When Power Interrupted
  • Keeps Your Data Secure
  • Online/Offline Configuration
  • Data Viewer/Conversion


  • Input:
    • Measurement points: 6 (six) channels
    • Measurement interval: 1s, 2s
    • Input Types:
      • DCV:20mV, 60mV, 200mV, 2V, 6V, 20V, 50V
      • TC: R, S, B, K, E, J, T, N, W, L, U, WRe
      • RTD:Pt100, JPt100 (Pt1000: Optional)
      • DI: voltage input (TTL), contact input
      • DCA:with external shunt register
    • Simple Calculation: Differential, linear scaling, square root
    • Maximum allowable input voltage:
      • ±10 VDC (continuous) for less than 200mVDC range, TC, RTD, DI ranges
      • ±60 VDC (continuous) for more than 2 VDC range
    • Maximum common mode noise voltage:
      • 250 Vrms AC (50/60Hz)
    • Maximum noise voltage between channels:
      • 250 Vrms AC (50/60Hz)

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